Twerk it Werk it

Twerk it Werk it

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Say bu-bye to risky foundation application and what's up to stain-free style! Liquid foundation finally has a rendezvous point with your brush and it’s not on the top-side of your hand. The Werk it and Twerk it Spoons will have you looking your best day and night, with no risk of staining your perfectly styled outfit.

Werk it: Let your foundation flow into the Werk it Spoon and apply your fresh, clean, light, dewy day look. No worries: your on the run or at work outfit is saved!

Twerk it: Apply your touchups worry free with the Twerk it Spoon to complete your hot night look and don't be afraid to add some sparkle. Now, get back on that dance floor!


    Comes in a 5 piece set that lets you choose just the right amount of product.
    Can be used for liquid foundation, concealer or any liquid product.
    Magnetic centers keep spoons together when stored.
    Flat base prevents tipping if placed on your make-up counter.
    Can be cleaned with water; best results if make-up remover is used.
    Made from food grade materials


    All purchases are final, we are pretty sure you and your outfit will love it. 


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