Our Story

Hi, I am Stephanie Cheung I like to brush my teeth and put make up on after I put on my outfit. Which is a routine which feels like a game of roulette since you never know if and when a stain will land on your outfit. Of course you don't realize it till you're about to head out the door or just getting to your destination.  This could be prevented by straining your back and leaning over the sink so far that you are breathing on the mirror.

Through these experiences I came up with Sbib. Your outfit's bodyguard and insurance policy. 

The Sbib line: the Carrie, Packo and the Happy Couple is the answer to getting ready and getting it right - before going out, on the run or for that special day! Don't forget the twerk it, Werk it spoons. Stop mixing foundation, moisturizer and whatever else you need to look and feel fabulous on the back of your hands. Just use the spoons.

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